I’m Caroline Kemp and I am a Degree Qualified Naturopath & Medical Herbalist servicing both Tauranga and Gisborne regions.

My passion is to help people feel & look amazing!

My main focus is to keep things simple for my clients.

Baffling you with my scientific knowledge & expertise is not the way I want to help you.  It is about keeping things simple and getting those great results that you all so desperately want.

I have seen it all before where people have been to natural health practitioners and have been given this enormous task to undertake.  Quite frankly it simply is not realistic for people of this day and age to be able to take on complex treatment plans.

My philosophy is taking little bites at a time so that they stick with it and get results… It’s as SIMPLE as that!

But don’t just take my word for it, check out what some of my naturopath clients have to say:

Going to see Caroline is the best thing I have ever done.  Caroline spent a great deal of time getting to the bottom of my health concerns.  After hair analysis and blood tests Caroline worked out a treatment plan for me.  Her knowledge and understanding as a naturopath is amazing.  Since working with her I have seen a great improvement in my overall health and well-being.

She is easy to talk to, friendly and professional and I have recommended her naturopath services to friends and family in Tauranga and Gisborne.

Karen - Mount Maunganui

For the past 10 years I have been struggling with unexplained low levels of energy and muscular strength.

For the past 3 months I have been working with Caroline from Oceanforce (Tauranga, NZ) and during this brief time have been amazed as to the amount of improvement and progress I have experienced.

Caroline has been amazing right from the start, I would recommend her to anyone with health and well-being related concerns.

Mike - Mount Maunganui

A little bit about me.
Once upon a time I was an extremely stressed out, obsessive eater & over trainer.
The more exercise I did the less I ate hoping to become a stick insect!  Looking back now I can see how detrimental this was to my family, my partner at the time and my friends, not to mention my poor body.  After years of torturing it through ridiculous diets and taking supplements that I really had no idea about, I developed an under active thyroid and began to stack on the weight, was utterly exhausted and the only way I could shift anything was by doing extreme juice cleanses.
I was utterly miserable.
I had always had a very strong passion for natural health & natural medicine so I finally bit the bullet and left my highly stressful Local Government job to work in a part time retail position selling furniture while I worked my butt off completing my Bachelor of Natural Medicine.
I can honestly say that without doubt it was the best decision I ever made. I was finally following my dreams and passion and what an incredible feeling of empowerment it was!  Once I got to the source of my problem which was complete emotional burnout I became this vibrant fabulous young woman that I knew always was there underneath all the other bull %##.
After graduating as a Naturopath & Herbalist I opened Oceanforce Sports Performance Clinic so that I could use my expertise to help athletes get the very best out of their performance.   However I found I was still drawn to wanting to work with people whose health was really suffering which is how Natureforce was born.

Why not get in touch and start your journey to a Naturally Healthier & Happier You.