Blood Sugar Issues

Do you feel like you are travelling on a roller coaster with massive peaks in energy and then you fall flat and so it goes on?

Chances you are probably experiencing blood sugar imbalances.  Put simply the food you eat is converted by the body into blood sugar which is how our muscles, GUT, brain etc are all fuelled.  In order for us to have balanced sustained energy levels we must have balanced blood sugar.

The typical western diet contains large amounts of refined highly processed foods such as white bread, muffins, biscuits, chips….the list goes on.   These foods spike our blood sugars (they go shooting up) which give us that euphoric feeling and then it comes crashing down leaving us feeling exhausted so then we reach for the next blood sugar spiker and so the roller coaster ride continues.

At Natureforce our naturopath teaches you about long sustained energy released foods and how to incorporate them into your daily food intake.  For some people extra help may be needed to stabilise blood sugar levels using high quality practitioner nutrient & herbal supplements.

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