How many of you feel like this??

You probably think when people say stress can you kill you that they are crazy.

Well think again because stress DOES KILL.  Stress is not just a word people use when they are feeling a bit strung out it has a physical effect on the body.

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How Stress Affects the Body


It goes right back to cave man days you see, back then our stress mechanism had a purpose.

Stress hormones elevated which meant that the body knew it was in danger and could fight for its life by drawing on energy faster.  Just because we are not caveman anymore does not mean that the body has changed.  Whether you are in physical danger or simply angry or emotional at work these pesky hormones still do their thing.

This is why stressed people can get fat even if they are eating ok and exercising.  The body draws on energy sources but when they are unused they are stored as fat.  Of course it can also have opposite effect and you may find you can’t keep it on.

Here at Natureforce we work with you to sort your nutrition out and teach you some simple tips to help calm the body and mind.  However, sometimes the body is that far out of whack it needs some help to settle it down.  This is where we use herbs & nutritional supplementation to help balance those pesky stress hormones & to support adrenal function.

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